4 Skills Integrated Curriculum

that enables you to gain a functional command of Japanese

In addition to basic proficiency in grammar and vocabulary, the TLS curriculum is intended to make use of prior learning by engaging regularly in tasks that combine at least 2 of the 4 skills: listening, speaking, writing, and reading.
Through the TLS teaching method, students improve their practical Japanese language abilities, progressing from the more basic "I understand" to the more advanced "I can use it."

Listening Speaking Reading Writing

Listening Speaking

Let's do a practice interview!

Listening Speaking

Listen to the instructions and find the answer on the map.

Listening Speaking

Check with the Resident Advisor about which day is garbage day.

Listening Speaking

Learn various words in your classmate's native language.

Listening Reading

Look for sign postings around the school!

Reading Speaking

Let's find out more by asking our Japanese guests!

Reading Writing

Copy and paste using the model.

Speaking Writing

Idea mapping while discussing with friends.

Listening Speaking

Assign various roles and have a discussion.

Writing Speaking

Summarize information and present it.