Student Life

We support international students studying in Japan for the first time so that they can feel safe even while living alone.

After coming to Japan, we will support you in a wide range of ways, such as support for necessary procedures, how to respond to health problems, and so on, so that you can send your study abroad with peace of mind.

Student Life

I am getting so much enjoyment out of studying abroad together with my friends, and I feel a wonderful sense of relief when I hear "Welcome home!" at the end of each day. 
ベルシナ マリアさん

Pershina Maria


Managing Money

Support Money from Home ¥100,000
Part-time Job ¥40,000
Total Income ¥140,000
Rent ¥50,000
Food ¥40,000
Utilities ¥10,000
Mobile Phone Fees ¥40,000
Daily Necessities ¥10,000
Entertainment ¥20,000
Total Expenses ¥140,000

Daily Schedule

Wake up
Part-time job
Back to the dorm
Talk with roommates and hall mates
Study time

Safety Support

Support your health at affiliated clinic

Partner Clinic Keiseikai Clinic

Our school-affiliated hospital, Keiseikai Clinic, offers medical (internal medicine) and dental care to ensure the health of each student. Free medical examinations are available to students who present their health insurance card, student ID, and a TLS Medical Examination Request form.
※ Except for temporary visas (as a health insurance card cannot be issued)
※ Some treatments, such as at esthetic clinics, are not covered by health insurance.Please ask for more information.

Keiseikai Clinic
3F Shinten Bldg. 6-2-7 Higashikasai Edogawa-ku
TEL:03-3688-6181 [ Dentistry ]
TEL:03-3689-7323 [
Internal medicine /
Psychosomatic medical]

Important things in case of an emergency disaster

It is most important in case of an earthquake disaster to get information and make contact and report your situation to your family. Please utilize us for it.
Information gathers to school easily and it is easy to make subsequent judgment. Please make contact to us as soon as possible so that we can report your condition to your family.
Toyo Language School disseminate information in emergency by following means.

24-hour Support System

In preparation for emergency situations, the school has established 24-hour emergency contacts. Staff can respond immediately in the event of a traffic accident or nighttime illness.


Students are coming to Japan with big and ambition.
At that time, a stable basis for living is very important.
Toyo Language School has 10 dormitory buildings and provides facilities for safe life.
All dormitory is located in 15 minutes bike ride and it is convenient to commute.
We are supporting students’ daily life with specific staff staying school a nd managers visiting buildings every day.


The number of host families and homestayers are increasing every year in Japan. Many students find that this improves their Japanese language skills and gives them a chance to actually experience Japanese culture.

Approximately 5000 homestay families are registered with the TLS-affiliated program Homestay in JAPAN!

By living in a native-speaking environment, students can improve their Japanese language proficiency.