Digital content

With the aim of “carrying school on your smartphone”, we have introduced learning content that leads to “learning” anytime, anywhere.

As times change, learning tools should also change.At Toyo Language School, ZOOM has already changed from a tool for those who cannot come to the classroom to a tool for viewing videos and images in the classroom.In addition, answers are instantly handed out using TEAMS from the board, which is hastily written before the teacher erases it.The conventional audio listening comprehension is replaced by the practice of looking at images and catching visual information and sound at the same time.What was not possible in traditional education will be possible in your time.Using the right tools for the right time is also something we value!
Microsoft 356 is used to provide educational services from TLS, including some of the classes, orientation and submission of assignments.
Microsoft 365 provides tools to enhance teaching effectiveness, so you can deepen your Japanese language learning with classmates at a distance, and also learn more efficiently and effectively than you could ever do face-to-face.In addition, we can smoothly provide information and materials necessary for classes.Another advantage is the high security features and relatively smooth log-in from anywhere in the world.

Team Operations

As one of the communication tools between students and the school, we operate a team that matches the purpose.We are devising ways to make your study abroad life better from various angles, such as classes, life, and a team specializing in preparations until entering the country.

■ TLS student Team
We will provide information and materials, mainly announcements to all students.

■ Class Team
This includes notices about the class, distribution of printouts and teaching materials, and submission of homework assignments.

■ My Teacher’s Team
Information on career events, distribution of materials, homerooms and documents check surveys, and safety checks are also provided.

■ Dormitory Team
This team is for dormitory students of the Toyo Language School. It provides access to the dormitory rules, intentions confirmation and informs students about the use of the common areas.

■ Entrance support Team
This team will be used to apply for visas necessary to come to Japan, quarantine at the time of entry, and submit documents to the school after arrival.

Outputs using team functions

One of the features of Microsoft TEAMS that can be used in class is input in Japanese and output in your own language.
Students listen to a Japanese sentence that is a listening comprehension question, compose an essay in their native language about what they understand and output it to a team within TEAMS.
For the reader, it is now possible to encourage understanding of the content in languages other than Japanese, and for the sender, it is now possible to ensure the accuracy of the output.

Self-study content

Over 100 questions on vocabulary, kanji, verbs and listening comprehension, from beginner to advanced level.The contents allow you to choose from these, solve them yourself and even check your answers on the spot.It can be used to challenge yourself with questions outside the level of the class you usually study, or as a review of what you have studied in the past.

Exam preparation

This section provides information on how to apply for the EJU and JLPT, two important examinations for international students, as well as a summary of precautions to be taken on the day of the examinations.We follow up with the students to ensure that they are able to demonstrate the results of their studies, including preparation for the day of the event.

Life support

We have created a system that allows users to retrieve information related to life support anytime, anywhere.

■ Life in Japan
This section contains information that can be helpful when you are living in Japan, if you become unwell, want to open a bank account, or buy a bicycle or commuter pass.Manuals on how to use fire extinguishers, disaster prevention and crime prevention are also available.

■ Notification-related information
It summarizes procedures for renewing your period of stay and procedures after graduating from or completing Toyo Language School.

■ To new students
It includes information on class placement tests to be taken before enrollment, an entry guide to help prepare for entry, the registration process after enrolment and how to pay tuition fees.

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