TLS original textbook|CHANGE

We named it “CHANGE” with the wishes of changing world, Japanese language education, and ourselves

The most significant feature of “CHANGE” is that it is incomplete when students get this textbook. In order to complete this textbook, each one’s “learning process” is essential. Each emotions, information, new words, and memos written down on the textbook will take students closer to completion. Then after 3 months of study, at the end of the semester, the textbook will be completed with own process, which is the only one in the world.
This is a textbook that reflects the policy of Toyo Language School, which recognizes the diversity of people.


“CHANGE” is a Japanese language teaching material for beginners made for students who are very new to studying Japanese. The beginner level is the most burdensome level to learn every day. It is a learning material that reflects the new learning style that TLS thinks and raises daily motivation.

Textbook for international students

TLS developed “CHANGE” for especially international students, not for all kind of Japanese learners. We include scenes that international students can use in their actual lives so that they can use them on a daily basis. It is intended for the level for beginner, but the content from N5 to N4 is mixed. In order to make it easier to relate international students’ daily basis, the text book includes the assumed situations which they often experience. In addition, there are a lot of practice to actually use the Japanese they have learnt and to think and talk about themselves.

Different lesson structure each time

Most textbooks are composed very similar lessons. However, TLS gave changes to the textbook to start with listening, reading, and thinking. It is because TLS wishes beginner students to find out the best style of study Japanese, and realize that each style is different due to the purpose.

Portfolio only for you

Once opening the page of “CHANGE”, you will notice that the textbook has function of both textbook and notebook. Students can fill the space with memos and what they’ve learnt in class. The grid is useful to write kanji nicer. All filled memos during the semester in the textbook will be your treasure. By taking notes initiatively, it is easier to remember the lesson scene while looking back for review. Especially in the beginner level, it is necessary to be able to use the Japanese learned by reviewing.

Sample of using the textbook

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