Plan for Graduate School

Support for graduate study, from researching professors to writing proposals. Go into graduate school entrance exams thoroughly prepared

Graduate school exam system is rather different from other countries, so we recommend you to understand this before preparation. From finding suitable professors with whom you can research to entrance exams, we totally support you. What you need to acquire is learning academic skills first, and create a research plan next. Almost all contacts with professors and research plans are done in Japanese. We TLS mainly consult personally.


Graduate schools are the place to grow incipient researchers. Each laboratory seeks people who have challenge sprit and can develop the research and raise the academic level of the laboratory or university, and share the issues as a team related to the history of research conducted mainly by professors.

Schools expect to students for the high level of expertise, the ability to make logical statements in discussions and presentations, and the ability to write logical documents. Based on that abilities, to continue research with team mates and aim to contribute to society.


Very the first thing to be taken care of is finding a laboratory / professor who can realize your research. No matter how great a university or a great professor, it is not possible to enter the university because no one can instruct on the research students are aiming for.

Once the professor is found, the next step is contacting them. At that time, it is needed to follow the rules of each school, such as visiting open campus, school guidance, or contacting through the Academic Affairs Division.

Make sure that it is a place where you can deepen your research, and start preparing for the application.


The research proposal is the most important in graduate school application. The research proposals, unlike the reason for application, have to be objective and theoretical, based on analysis and consideration with the reasonable numbers and data. Each university set the format, so the proposal needs to be matched to them.

The graduates who have passed so far have subjects during their undergraduate years, and they are choosing to study in Japan in order to solve those subjects. It is not realistic solution just having feeling of what to study to pass the exam.

At Toyo Language School, we have prepared learning items only for graduate students so that all students do not miss each step. TLS supports students not to make mistakes in the procedure for going on to graduate school, and set their own assignments, and steadily prepare for the realization.

Warming up to prepare for graduate school
Consider the purpose of going on to graduate school
System of Japanese graduate school entrance examination
Make a resume
Research proposal(Structure・Style・Representation)
Consider the research subject
Confirm the research contents
Make an exam plan
How to write emails to professors
Write a research purpose
Research motivation / background content and structure
How to write application forms
Presentation for passing the exam
How to speak to professors
How to quote
How to make a bibliography
Consider research methods
Oral exam preparation

Model schedule for going to graduate school

JLPT N1 level may be set as one of the application conditions for graduate school examinations. It means, it is necessary to calculate back and proceed with learning Japanese so that students can pass N1 according to the timing of application (spring admission, fall admission).

On the other hand, they need to find a university laboratory where they can realize the research, and keep the schedule of open campuses and school guidance held by each university firmly. Preparing a research proposal, confirming the possibility of receiving instruction, and advice on improvement, etc., and preparing for this exam are the keys for going to graduate school.

The following schedule is a model for spring admission.


フ ケイビンさん


From China
Graduated in March, 2020
Went to the Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo

In order to take an exam for entering the graduate school, I was kindly asked to be prepared not only for a research plan discussion, but also for an interview which was hold one by one, and my anxiety gradually disappeared.
Because of the support of teachers, during the interview I was able to show all my good sides.
Before coming to Japan, I have studied Japanese to some extent. In addition to this, when I started to attend the classes in TLS school I have gained an ability to express my own opinion in Japanese.

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