Plan for Art University

Lessons by experienced instructors guide students to art universities

What you need to go to art university is having specialty on each field and originality to express your original world. For example, exact ability of drawing like photo. This ability is useful as an elemental faculty, but it is not enough to express you as a creator. You also need to build your own view of the world and your originality. You need to pursue these worlds at university. What kind of view do your works show? What is your originality? Will you share your view of the world at TLS?


The number of applicants to art universities is increasing compared to before, and it seems that the know-how for passing art university has become generally known. It is said that many students make similar preparations and challenge the entrance examination, which means that students are becoming more uniform, which is the opposite of the essence of art. Entering art university cannot be the purpose, first of all, it is necessary to return to the essence of art, what you want to convey through the work.

On top of that, the image of human resources required by art universities is international students who give feeling the possibility of change. By fusing the art of home country and the art of Japan that students had drawn before coming to Japan, it shows the very attitude of trying to incorporate new things. Art universities expect the ability to create new things through change.


In these days, international students are also required to have high Japanese proficiency. This is because the number of applicants has simply increased, and communication with Japanese students and professors is required even after enrollment. At TLS, for the purpose of meeting the application criteria of all art universities, score of EJU Japanese as a foreign language (reading comprehension and listening comprehension) 240 or more(for EJU, refer to the plan for university)for undergraduate applicants, graduate school applicants set JLPT N1 pass. It is recommended to check the entrance examination schedule of each university to have the required examination results at hand in time for the application.


There are technical exams such as drawing, design, watercolor and oil painting for under graduate. In addition, some universities require candidates to submit essays, interviews, and portfolios. It means checking details of application procedure about each department and major.

On the other hand, since it is assumed that the candidates for graduate school has basic skills, the motivation and skill will be seen in interviews and essays on the premise of submitting a research proposal (see the plan for graduate school) and portfolio.

Whether it’s a portfolio or a research proposal, in the entrance examination of art university, how to break away from the usual theme setting leads to evaluation.

Among the PLANs of Toyo Language School, the plan for art university has a wide range of preparations and can be said to be very special. We have partnered with “Bigakko”, which has a wealth of experience in teaching international students to go on to art universities, and have prepared a curriculum that aims to improve both Japanese language ability and artistic skill.


Since its establishment in 1969, Bigakko, which is affiliated with Toyo Language School, has a solid track record of passing as a preparatory school for art universities. The curriculum theme jointly developed with Bigakko is a fusion of Japanese language and art. Students are learning in two classes, which are divided according to the plan for art university and art graduate school, students take Japanese lessons on the theme of art works from Monday to Friday to acquire art terminology and art reading comprehension skills. TLS provides an environment where students can learn art from Japanese classes and Japanese language from art classes, and promote efficient and effective learning.

This class is 1 year program held from January to December. There are 72 lessons for drawing and design, and 33 lessons for writing essay and preparing interview.

There is an additional charge for attending the art school class.

Weekly schedule for art university class
Monday Japanese for art university  
Tuesday Japanese for art university Drawing
Wednesday Japanese for art university Design
Thursday Japanese for art university Essay/Interview
Friday Japanese for art university  

鍋田 庸男

In charge of Drawing and Design Tsuneo Nabeta

I request being enthusiastic and curious to students. Then, I want them to become a human resource who can communicate through works in the university and the society beyond. Thinking about things from a global perspective, I would like to work as an artist with students who have demonstrated leadership while engaging in manufacturing.

Model schedule for going to art university

In January of the previous year of the year you aim to go on to art university or art graduated school, you need to have a solid foundation in Japanese so that you can start studying in the art university class and the art graduate school class. The guideline is about completing the N3 level. It’s never too early to start creating new works or portfolios at the same time. Gather information about schools of choice and start working whenever you are ready.

There are extra works for preparation for art university related to art works. Students tend to be busy for them. It leads that students prepare well will be evaluated with a good result. Make a plan and develop a habit that you can put into practice.



リン カケイさん


Graduated in March, 2020
Majoring in Art and Design, The University of Tsukuba Graduate School

Because of connecting knowledge of art which I have learnt so far and
study of Japanese language, I could expanded next leveled knowledge greatly. I also learnt how to write research proposal and essays, so that I could write papers smoothly made it to the entrance exam even I was not good at writing. Thanks to classes at TLS, I have practiced lots of writings.

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