Plan for university

Earn good scores at EJU and attain the level required for university lectures

Many students enter TLS to master Japanese that is required to go to university. The plan for university is prepared to these students. To begin with, ask yourself. Why do you want to go to university? Which university do you want to go? What are you going to study? What made you come to Japan to study? You need to pursue thorough inquiries of your own “why”. We ask you to make it clear your purpose of going to university first, and recommend you to find the place not possible to go but want to go. We do assist you with all our best.

3-Point Approach

  1. A special curriculum geared towards good EJU scores / Our students achieve 60 points higher than the EJU average
  2. The EJU subjects also cover academic areas other than Japanese in classes
  3. Counseling for course determination Honest support for interviews and preparation of application documents




キム ドンフィさん


From South Korea
Graduated in March, 2017
Faculty of Engineering and Design, Housei Univeristy

Studying at TLS helped me make the most of university life

At TLS, there are many opportunities to talk with students from many different countries, which I do a lot here. Including the preparation for the entrance exam, I feel that all the studying I did at TLS has helped me make the most of university life. In the future, I hope to use what I studied in Japan to build a building of my own design.