Online Class

Brand New One Step in New Life-style

Toyo Language School has introduced online classes in order to adapt to a new lifestyle.

● Collecting information for making a decision to study in Japan in the future.
● Improving Japanese skills before actually entering the school.
● Having experiences Japanese language classes even from outside of Japan.

We offer support for various purposes and goals that are closely engaged with school classes.

3 Characteristics

Join Us in Real Time

The online classes, that are offered by Toyo Language School, are not on request, but in real time. Students can ask questions to the teacher during the lesson, and they can solve right away the part that students don't understand.

Study with International Students

Students who are joining through on-line will take the same classes with the students who are currently studying at Toyo Language School, and all students can participate not only in classes connected with learning Japanese for example simple grammar or vocabulary, but also to take part in mixed lifestyle and career classes.

“My teacher” System Supports Each Student

“My teacher” will provide regular one-on-one support from start to finish of the course.
We support student’s questions about Japanese classes, academic and career counseling, long-term courses, etc., we will find a way to solve it.

Trial Lesson

In order to get acquainted with the school, trial lesson is the first step.
There is a class division system in TLS: beginner, intermediate and so on.
Also, there are classes that are aimed at a further education (college, university, graduate school, art university), and classes for students who are looking for employment.
Please take a trial lesson regarding the purpose of learning Japanese.

Placement Test

The one who wants to take classes, there is a possibility of taking a placement test (JJM) for class placement.
Based on the placement test results and chosen course, through counseling directly, the class teacher will assign a student to a class.


Not only students living in Japan, but also the ones who have internet access can take classes either from Japan or abroad. There is no need to get a visa for coming to Japan.

People who are able to access online classes according to the schedule below.
Class Level N5-N1, and higher
4 semesters (April, July, October, January)
3 months (Possible to be extended)
Class Times
(Half day)
5 days a week from Monday to Friday
A.M. Classes 9:10~12:25 (4x45mins with 15 minutes break)
P.M. Classes 13:10~16:25 (4x45mins with 15 minutes break)
※Japan time
1 week before the course starts
(If courses are already full, you may only be able to start the next semester.)
30,000 JPY (First time payment only)
Tuition Fee 153,000 JPY for 3 months (includes teaching materials)
※The teaching materials will be sent by email to each student depending on the level.
183,000 JPY

Toyo Language School has partnered with Flywire to make your international payments safe and easy.

Application Documents

  1. Application form (Click here to download)
  2. Identity verification documents with photo