Short Term International Students

It is also possible to learn Japanese three months by using the long vacation of work or school at Toyo Language School. Short-term study of an eye to the future studying in Japan, brush up before Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT) or the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU), improvement of communication skills beyond the nationality, and Japanese culture experience, there are so many things to learn even in a period of three months.
We perform the counseling to each student even you are an short-term international student, and we really hope you to make use of this valuable opportunity of studying in Japan.
It should be noted, it does not need to apply for a student visa to stay for within three months. You are certificated to stay in Japan by the visa of temporary visitor.
(Depending on the country or region it has been implemented visa exemption measures)

※It is available to join the short term course via on-line.
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Timofeev Iaroslav


I am a ballet dancer and belonged to ballet company in Russia where I was born. I have been to Japan several times for ballet performance. Thanks to that, there are lots of my fans in Japan. I started studying Japanese because it was the way to feel closer if I could communicate with them in Japanese.
It was the way over my expectation that I could learn about cultures of all over the world rather than Japanese one, and it is because TLS has students from all over the world. Since I had different teachers every day at class, it helped me to learn from different angles and approaches. Moreover, students can communicate with teachers and classmates in class, not only for listening to teachers. It was the most different point than studying by myself.
It is not enough to learn only 3months to achieve something. However, studying at TLS was a good start for me and each day was very exciting. If you hesitate to challenge new adventure, just take a first action to open the door. Take the opportunity in front of you, rather than regret it without doing it!

Chan Ho Yuen


Originally, I have been interested in Japanese animation, and I started learning Japanese by myself by watching them, getting used to it, and understanding the story while reading subtitles. It helps me to enhance listening skill.
I have decided to take TLS on-line classes because I actually had struggles of studying by myself. My goal for learning Japanese was going to Japanese university, and I wanted to challenge higher levels.
By watching animation, reading books helped me to enhance 4 skills except speaking skill. During the on-line classes, I could enjoy conversation tasks, did discussion and finally I had confidence to speak in Japanese because the classes were not one-way style from teachers to students.
In addition, “My teacher” assisted my plan to go to university, such as how to chose school, and how to write application form. Even I wasn’t in Japan yet, I could get ready for going to university in advance.
I’d like to study about robots and AI in university and make lots of Japanese friends, communicate with them in Japanese.


For Applicants Those who be able to obtain a visa for a short stay in Japan.
Class Level N5 ~ N1, upper N1
Enrollment Timing 4 times; April, July, October and January
Duration 3 months
5 days a week, Monday to Friday
AM class 9:10-12:25 (4x45mins with a 15 minutes break)
PM class 13:10-16:25 (4x45mins with a 15 minutes break)
Application Deadline Before the fist day of semeseter.
Please contact us for details.
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※Please attach a copy of the identity verification document with a photo.
Entrance Fee 30,000 JPY
Tuition Fee 153,000 JPY
Other Fees 21,000 JPY
Total 204,000 JPY