To be active in a society where globalization is rapidly progressing, it is important “to not fear change.”
To know oneself well, to recognize where improvement can be made, and then to make those changes of one’s own accord—that is what growth is.
Through Japanese language education that fosters practical knowledge, independent thought, and teamworking skills, we make it possible for each individual to grow and “realize a happy future.”

Curriculum policy

We advocate a curriculum policy that “students discover, think, and convey themselves.” Students will develop the ability to take actions autonomously through learning Japanese.

TLS has been developing the original teaching material “CHANGE”, the “4 Skills Integrated Curriculum” which arranged with importance in language education, and the “JCT Education System” that promotes growth, all based on that policy.

TLS Education SystemCHECK

Each International student at Toyo Language School has various purposes for admission. Some came to Japan because they liked Japan from anime and manga, some were interested in Japanese education and research and wanted an academic educational place, some to study Japanese product design, and some to find employment opportunities here. TLS has been preparing the Japanese language learning plans that those students need to achieve their goals.

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YouTube Channel “JAPANESE with TLS”


Toyo Language School has released new YouTube channel!
The title is “JAPANESE with TLS!”

The channel is not ordinary, even shows videos of Japanese lessons! We are finding answers and solutions with TLS students by dealing with errors which easy to be made by Japanese learners. Moreover, there are introducing of TLS and student interview videos on the channel! We also show the class atmosphere.

On every Wednesday and Sunday at noon, we are posting the new videos!
Why don’t you watch them if you are interested in learning Japanese!?

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