To be active in a society where globalization is rapidly progressing, it is important "to not fear change."
To know oneself well, to recognize where improvement can be made, and then to make those changes of one's own accord—that is what growth is.
Through Japanese language education that fosters practical knowledge, independent thought, and teamworking skills, we make it possible for each individual to grow and "realize a happy future."

Three Features of TLS

JIKEI Group of Colleges Global Network

The JIKEI Group of Colleges is a group of vocational schools that started in 1976.
As a member of this group, the Japanese language school TLS has prepared numerous international students for participation in the international community.
Our network has expanded and includes not only Japan but also the rest of the world.

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JCT Education System & Japanese Language

We incorporate the "principle of growth" into Japanese language learning so that students achieve enhanced proficiency.
We integrate the so-called 4 basic skills—Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing—in order to teach useful, practical Japanese.

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Supporting Student Life

In order to realize their dreams, students need a safe, secure living environment.
We provide support for students who are living on their own in Tokyo for the first time.

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