Plan for Professional Training College

Expert support for each student, from selecting their target school to passing the exam.

We can teach the study for the work that your favorite. What a wonderful expression of “make your love work for you” is! But it isn’t easy to do that. It is necessary for you to prepare in advance and having the enthusiasm. You need to know what you want to study at school, or what kind of faculties you want to acquire. You must be careful to choose your most suitable school to study. Every professional training college has their own features. So with under according to their career advisers, you can promote your preparation adequately.

Examples of typical specialized fields

Health Care Rehabilitation Dentistry Pharmaceutics Social Welfare Childcare Sports Training Biotechnology The Environment Animals・The Oceans・Plants High Technology Internet・IT Design・Illustration Manga Game Animation Film・Movie TV・Broadcasting Music Dance Actor・Voice Actor Confectionery・Bakery・Culinary・Cafe Beauty Fashion・Costume Tourism・Bridal・Hotel IR


A professional training college is a school that provides specialized education to students who have not had the knowledge and skills, and is premised on producing human resources in society as professionals. It means, any special skills or knowledge are not required when apply for the school in the area of expertise. It can be said that what is required of international students is sufficient Japanese proficiency.

Of course, teachers are not Japanese language teachers, so there is not as much consideration in class understanding as in Japanese language schools. In addition, there is a lot of collaborative work with classmates. The out of class rooms, independent remarks and actions are required even at the internship destination.

It is necessary to acquire the Japanese communication skills that can be used for that purpose while attending a Japanese language school. There is a need for Japanese that can keep up with the lessons at a high level.


Most professional training colleges have open campuses on a weekly basis from June to August. Various events such as trial lessons and school guidance are held on the open campus, and it is an opportunity where students can get important information for choosing school. TLS instructs students to attend events at a few schools, even in case they have made their first choice. There are many impressions that students can actually see, touch, and feel at the school. IT is also recommended to communicate a lot with the school staff.


Even after passing the entrance examination of a professional training college, there are still many things to be taken care of before entering the school. One of them is joining pre-college. In general, even if students have passed N1 and have been learning Japanese for a long time, it will be difficult to keep up with the classes as soon as entering a professional training college. It is because international students don’t know words not showing in text books which Japanese people are using. Pre-college is an opportunity to get rid of the gap, and students don’t get behind from Japanese in terms of knowledge level such as technical terms in each specialized field and school system.

It is said that students can get the result of admission relatively fast. In general, the application conditions are Japanese proficiency of JLPT N2 or higher, or at least 6 months of Japanese study record at a Japanese language institution that has been notified by the Ministry of Justice. However, this is just an application standard, and there are still preparations even after passing the exam. After entering a school, the classmates around you are Japanese. It seems not too easy for international students who have been studying in Japan for a year or two to build a close relationship with Japanese classmates without any problems. Therefore, it is recommended to understand well the industry and schools around the entrance examination and to keep enhancing Japanese proficiency as much as possible.



Toyo Language School is a group member of Jikei Group of Colleges, a professional training college group that currently has 79 educational institutions nationwide.(Click here for more about JIKEI GAKUEN group)Accordingly, TLS has the strong relationship with each school of Jikei Group. Because of that, TLS can provide the latest information on each industry, changes in fields, and the efforts of professional training college to students in their career paths.

It is not easy for international students to participate in trial lessons and school guidance, as well as taking exams. Students can start by casually interacting with staff from professional training college at consultation booth (face-to-face / online) through TLS. For students aiming to enter a school of the group, further arrangement for trial lessons and school guidance will be provided, and support of direct contact to the staff of each school will be available.

Model schedule for going to professional training college

Since most of the open campuses of professional training college, trial lessons, and school guidance are held in the summer, it is suggested to search and collect information of many schools by then, and to visit multiple schools in the same field. The main application starts in October, usually after the AO entrance examination period.

Even after passing the entrance exam, please prepare for admission, such as attending a pre-college.



マットッザ フランチェスコさん


From Italy
Graduated in March, 2020
Went to Tokyo Design Technology Center

Needless to say, classes are held in Japanese.
People who haven’t come to Japan may say “It is too difficult!” when hearing that. However, it was also very valuable and a great opportunity to take lessons in Japanese, ask teachers in Japanese when I didn’t understand. I was surrounded by Japanese and it led me improvement.
During difficult times for me, teachers always supported and helped me.

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