Long Term International Students

Expert support for each student, from selecting their target school to passing the exam.

The purpose for studying in Japan is depending on each student. Studying as a long-term student to get an employment or go to the undergraduate, graduate school or professional training college, they need to get a student visa.The entrance timings are four times a year (in April, July, October and January), and it will be decided by each Japanese language ability and plan after graduation.Our staff applies certificate of eligibility (COE) which is necessary for the student when s/he applies own student visa, to Immigration Bureau on the designated dates according to each entrance timing.

Admission Policy

TLS takes application forms following allocation schedule, and have interview and screening any time. It is to make sure th e purpose, future plan and financial capability for study abroad. TLS understands that each student expresses their own passion in purpose and plan such as going to higher education school or getting job in Japan, and promotion after going back to their countries. TLS has been considering that how we can assist students with understanding them. In addition, interviewers will ask applicants Japanese proficiency and health condition at the interview.

Japanese proficiency required for “student” states of qualification for stay

Immigration Service Agency of Japan uses the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for those who enroll in Japanese language education institutions as one of the indicators to measure their willingness and ability to study in Japan during the examination process of application for status of residence. It is announced that it has been confirmed by examination or Japanese language course history that it has Japanese proficiency equivalent to N5 or higher.
For those who cannot take the JLPT, one of the indicators to judge that it is equivalent to N5 is the study history equivalent to 150 hours at a Japanese language institution.
Toyo Language School has a 3-month short-term course that can be used as a preparation for a long-term course, and an online class that allows you to participate in the same classes as international students even if you are not in Japan. It can be used to cultivate the basic skills of Japanese.

Japanese ability required by
Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

Requirements for application

Applicants must have completed at least 12 years of education abroad or be judged as same qualification by Toyo Language School

Courses April 1 year / 2 years
July 1 year & 9 months
October 1 year & 6 months
January 1 year & 3 months
Application Deadline 2 weeks before the designated date of submission to the Tokyo Immigration Service Agency
※Certificate of Eligibility Application form is submitted to the Tokyo Immigration Service Agency about 4 to 5 months before enrollment.
※Depending on the situation of the applicant, it may take more than 2 weeks to prepare for the application. Please contact us for details.
Registration Fee 20,000 JPY
Entrance Fee 100,000 JPY
Tuition Fee 306,000 JPY (6 months)
Other Fees 42,000 JPY (6 months)
Total 468,000 JPY (6 months)
※Tuition fees after the 7th month will be billed after enrollment.
※Please check here for details.

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