Plan for graduate school

Support for graduate study, from researching professors to writing proposals. Go into graduate school entrance exams thoroughly prepared.

Graduate school exam system is rather different from other countires, so we recommend you to understand this before preparation. From finding suitable professors with whom you can research to entrance exams, we totally support you. What you need to acquire is learning academic skills first, and create a research plan next. Almost all contacts with professors and research plans are done in Japnanese. We TLS mainly consult personally.

3-Point Approach

  1. Gathering of a wide range of information on graduate programs based on research subject
  2. Support for creating a strategy for navigating the unique Japanese graduate entrance exam system.
  3. Enhancement of academic writing skills for essays




キム ドンフィさん

Yan Hui

From China
Graduated in March, 2016
Master's Program in Management, Graduate School of Economics, Sophia University

You can learn how to find a supervisor and write a strong research proposal

I was preparing for graduate school alongside my studies of Japanese. I chose Sophia University because the professor I wanted to work with was there. In my TLS graduate school classes, I learned how to write research proposals and how to talk with professors. Now, I'm busy looking for a job at a consulting company in Japan.