Plan for professional training college

Expert support for each student, from selecting their target school to passing the exam. 

We can teach the study for the work that your favorite. What a wonderful expression of “make your love work for you” is! But it isn’t easy to do that. It is necessary for you to prepare in advance and having the enthusiasm. You need to know what you want to study at school, or what kind of faculties you want to acquire. You must be careful to choose your most suitable school to study. Every professional training college has their own features. So with underaccording to their career advisers, you can promote your preparation adequately.

3-Point Approach

  1. Learning high-level presentation skills to persuade audiences
  2. Expert support for selecting and preparing for the most appropriate school
  3. A course of study based on those of successful TLS graduates




ラハルジョ シンディ ブットゥリさん

Rahardjo Cindy Putri

From Indonesia
Graduated in March, 2015
Tokyo Communication Arts College

Internship at a smartphone game development company while studying Japanese

I participated in a two-week TLS summer course, taking classes at Tokyo Communication Arts (TCA) vocational school. Now I study Japanese at TLS while attending the monthly classes at TCA. TLS is a great place because I can do so many things. I'm currently doing an internship at a smartphone game development company.