Plan for art university

Lessons by experienced instructors guide our students to art universities.

This course is preparing for art university and art graduate school. What you need to go to art university is having speciality on each field and originality to express your original world. For example, exact ability of drawing like photo. This ability is useful as an elemental faculty, but it is not enough to express you as a creator. You also need to build your own view of the world and your originality. You need to pursue these worlds at university. What kind of view do your works show? What is your originality? Will you share your view of the world at TLS?

3-Point Approach

  1. Career Fairs with eight participating art universities Our nationwide TLS network
  2. Classes taught by experienced instructors from Bigakko
  3. Mock exams for art universities / special classes for graduate schools of art now available




ラハルジョ シンディ ブットゥリさん

Cai Liwei

From China
Graduated from March, 2016
Graduate school of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts

Lessons at TLS not only helped me to enter graduate school, but also provided support afterwards.

The teachers of my art school courses at TLS were very specialized, so I had some trouble understanding what was being said at first. However, now that I am in graduate school, I see that they were using specialized language in order to prepare me for this stage of learning. Making most of what I learned at TLS, I'm currently working on my graduation project focusing on the theme of the human body.