Plan to find employment

We offer comprehensive support in job hunting, from standard procedures in Japan to how to choose an industry and company.

There are many foreign students who want to find employment in Japan. Students who graduated university in his/her home country can find it in Japan. Chances to work in Japan are increasing these days. Generally speaking, when foreign students try to find employment in Japan has an advantage when one has passed 1st grade(N1) of JLPT in document screaning. Furthermore you need to know the way of thinking for work among Japanese, attitude toward work or how to make relationsip with colleague or boss. We are aiming at not simply find a work but let students find a nice one that makes his/her carrier up.

3-Point Approach

  1. A comprehensive introduction to job hunting and the employment system in Japan
  2. Guidance for creating a CV/
    resume that emphasizes the candidate's best selling points
  3. Interview training to make a good impression,
    including the proper bearings and ways of speaking.




ハミドフ エルミル ハミドビッチさん

Khamidov Elmir Khamidovich

From Uzbekistan
Graduated from September, 2015
Lifecreations Co.,Ltd

I want to set up a branch in my home country and take my business global!

I think I was hired because my instructor corrected my resume and helped me prepare for interviews while I was job hunting. I'm currently in talks with my company about establishing a branch in my home country.
At TLS, making friends from so many countries makes us realize that the obstacles to "going global" have come down, and that we can face any challenge with success.